Short biographic note

Reghina Papadatou owner and creator of, was born in Corfù, Greece. Studies Classic (Ancient Greek, Latin) letterature and Cinema at the University of Crete. She is also a self taught painter with preference in wall decorations and trompe l’oeil. Studies Theatrical Scenography in Florence and falls in love with the city, deciding to stay there and open a business in the tourist sector, for 20 whole years.

The love for cinema was always there, so she decides to change her job and dedicate time to her artistic side and that is how started. She directs  her passion for videomaking towards the promotion of small businesses and artists. 

Collaborates with Franco Santini, Gianpaolo Beltrame, Fiorella degli Innocenti, Stefano Mariotti etc. In particular with Stefano Mariotti creates various artistic video projects and she films his exhibitions in Museo Bellini of Florence, at Open Art Code in Geneve , at Grand Palle in Paris from 2014 till today.

Participates as Video artist in the VII Art Fair of Florence within the project Leonardo Voleva Volare in 2018.

She is responsible for the promotion on and off line of Budokan, Center of Martial Arts in Florence from 2010.

Collaborates with Curator and Art dealer, Francesca Roberti in various projects with the latest  ‘Contemporanea’ Multimediale.

Collaborates with her dear friend and writer, Giorgos Stogias in the creative reading of Reverse Rimes of Roald Dahl 2020.