If you have no experience in front of the camera and you are wondering what is expected from you.

Here you can check the main points of the procedure, that we follow. It is similar for all categories (Promotion, Artistic Creation, Special Event) with some differences.

Bed and Breakfast Video Promotion

Our 20 years experience in B&b management in Florence, together with our passion for videomaking guarantee the best possible promotion video / photo shoot for Hotel, B&b, Villas, Apartments. We know, first hand, the problematics of the job and we know where and how to focus. We basically speak your language. Take this opportunity and contact us now


There are 3 passages in the videomaking procedure of a Promotion Video:

  • As you know your business better than anyone else, you will need to present it to us. We will help you define your core message, put down a script. The length of a promotion video should be in the range of 15” to maximum 2′, so we need to be as essential and simple as can be, but at the same time, full of content and authenticity. As you imagine, it’s vital to be precise and clear in this first passage. The SPECIAL HOTEL/BandB/VILLAS/APARTMENTS PROMOTION consists on the fact that this passage is going to be really fast and easy as we have a 20 whole years experience of management in accommodation services.

  • After defining our core message and have our text ready, we will start the actual filming. If you do not wish you or your partners to appear on video, we will just take it from here. If you wish to appear but you do not feel comfortable speaking we will just film you while working giving you our advice on colours and body posture. In the case you wish to present the best way possible your story ( appearing and actual tell it on video ) but you do not have experience in frond of the camera, we will offer you our experience. You need to be simple, concrete and entertaining. We will guide you through the video rules of speech and body movement and give you the time and space to fill relaxed and be yourself and concentrate to your product or service you offer. The time we need to dedicate to actually filming can vary, depending on the locations, lights, schedules, particular requests etc. In general we can state, that for a 60′ of video we need at least 1 hour of shooting.

  • And we arrive at the 3rd passage that is video editing off and on line. We take it from here. We will edit your video, add music, graphic effects, voice if requested and put it on line.



Filming an artist at work changes the length of the video as it’s necessary to adapt it to the passages of the artist creation and present them as clearly as possible to the audience. The procedure, thought, remains the same.


Mostra d'arte

In the case of a Special Event, such as an Art Exhibition, we still need to follow the same procedure of : Core message, Text (main points), Video Rules but during the actual filming we follow a strict approach and just let the event unfold naturally.


As you could imagine there are so many variants, when making a video that is almost impossible to pin down a price upfront. Just to have an idea : a 1 minute, basic graphics, free royalty music, no narrative voice promotion video, will start from 180€. We can promise you that we will do our best to offer you a package of services that satisfy your needs and budget.